Saturday, November 29, 2014

IMAM Exchange Swatches | Part 2

Hey guys! I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving and a fun Black Friday, I know I did! So this is part 2 of my IMAM exchange swatches. This time, the brand I will be swatching is Shiro Cosmetics. I was super excited and happy that my exchange partner included Shiro in my gift because I had never tried them before. 

**All the eyeshadow swatches are done over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue**

Description: Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green

Description: Warm, lightly shimmery orangey-red

Description: Deep maroon with blue shimmer

Description: Pale shimmery lavender

Description: Muted Tesseract blue with strong golden duochrome

Description: Blackened amethyst with bright purple sparkle

Description: Silvered royal purple over a blood-red base

Description: A twilit forest: blackened blue and green tones with slightly metallic shimmer

Description: Deep teal with very strong green shimmer

Description: Bright, punchy coral with light shimmer

Description: Moderately opaque fuchsia-mulberry

Whoo, that was quite a bit of swatches. Overall, I am completely happy with all the shadows I got. I will definitely be getting more products from Shiro. I have to say though, the shadow that surprised me the most was Mother of Dragons. The pigment is red until you swatch it and turns into a silvery purple. It was definitely a good surprise though. 


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